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What are Natural Varicose Vein Treatments?

What are Natural Varicose Vein Treatments?

Varicose veins are unsightly and are very painful. Removing ugly varicose veins may be possible using topical remedies however, getting rid of pain and discomfort of varicose veins could be very difficult.

Varicose veins happen when there is increased blood pressure on the lower extremities which is often due to prolonged standing or sitting. Blood naturally pools on the lower part of the body and it takes a lot of pressure to circulate back to the heart especially when you stand for long periods. Veins of the legs become enlarged and very painful leading to the appearance of red to purple-coloured veins on the back of the legs. Pain could be tolerable during the first few weeks but could be very annoying especially when you continue to stand or sit for longer hours.

Natural varicose vein treatments

There are natural varicose vein treatments that you can use to help reduce pain and to improve blood flow to the area, here are some of these popular treatments:

  • Exercise

Since varicose veins are caused by prolonged standing and sitting, exercise is the best way to get rid of pain and discomfort. Exercises like leg raises and squats could relieve pain and will also help improve blood flow to the area. By merely walking, you may also help improve your condition and when you jog or walk for longer and farther you will eventually help treat varicose veins.

  • Applying warm compresses

Warmth improves the circulation of blood on the area and will help reduce pain. Applying warm towels or a warm compress over the area is a perfect natural varicose vein treatment. It can soothe tired legs, reduce pain and discomfort and will also help improve mobility. You may apply warm compresses as soon as you get home or use an electric blanket to warm your legs as you sleep.

  • Wearing the right kind of shoes

Most experts in treating varicose veins agree that by wearing the right kind of shoes, you are less likely to suffer from foot problems, joint conditions and varicose and spider veins. Wearing flats or low heeled shoes are encouraged; high heels will only aggravate varicose veins. If you regularly walk or exercise, make sure you wear shoes that have adequate sole support which will also help ease varicose veins pain.

  • Wearing stockings

Not just any type of stockings but compression stockings. These are highly elastic stockings that are meant to support the lower legs in cases of mild to moderate varicose veins. Since blood is likely to pool in the lower legs, compression stockings squeeze the legs to improve blood flow and reduce pain. The familiar feeling of pooling fluid in the lower part of your legs is decreased and you will be able to stand long hours of sitting or standing. Compression stockings are ideal natural varicose vein treatments for people who need to stand or sit for prolonged periods. You may also use this at home or elevate your legs when you sleep to free your legs from using compression stockings for a while.

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