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Varicose Vein Home Treatment: Plan Your Diet

Varicose Vein Home Treatment: Plan Your Diet

Varicose veins are common among adults. The most common cause of varicose veins is when you stand or sit for long periods. This is because the blood does not circulate as much when your legs and feet are stuck in one position for a long time. When this happens, the veins swell and cause you to have bluish large veins that can usually be seen on the feet or at the back of the knees. One good varicose vein home treatment you can try is simply planning your diet.

What to eat when having varicose vein?

There are certain foods that you should eat and certain foods that you should avoid when you have varicose veins. This is a varicose vein home treatment that you can easily do to relieve the symptoms or prevent varicose veins from appearing in the first place.

To use “planning your diet” as a varicose veins home treatment takes discipline and may remove you from your comfort zone, but it should be a welcome change as having a well-balanced diet will positively affect you in the long run, well after your current condition is cured.

Add a lot of fish, vegetables and fruits to your diet. Also, take note of the foods that you currently eat and make sure they are not high in carbohydrates and fat. Other types of foods that are good for treating varicose veins are pineapple, ginger, garlic and foods that are high in fibre content. For patients who have severe cases of varicose veins, the best varicose vein home treatment is fasting for about a week, only drinking fresh fruit juices. After this period is over, you should continue eating healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables.

With these varicose vein home treatments, you will be able to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of those dreaded varicose veins.

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