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How to Use Coconut Oil on Hair

How to Use Coconut Oil on Hair

Coconut oil is the ideal oil for cooking and is extracted from the kernel portion of coconut which belongs to Palm family. Apart from cooking, it has been profoundly known for its medicinal and industrial usage. It contains a good amount of saturated fatty acids which makes it usable for a long time of about two to two and a half years.


Human hair can be categorized as follows: Vellus hair, androgenic hair, etc. Vellus hair is hardly noticed by any and grows on the human body from the childhood stage. These hairs help regulate body temperature and produce a cooling effect. On the other hand, androgenic hair grows on the skin after puberty.


The usage of coconut oil is has been proven to be beneficial. Various advantages of this oil for hairs can be summarized as follows:

1. It provides proper conditioning to our scalp and nourishes the hair for growth.

2. It makes hair shiny if applied before hair wash.

3. Those who suffer from hair problems like hair fall and dandruff can get cured by the usage of coconut oil.

4. Coconut oil usage prevents our hair from any kind of damage from harmful ultraviolet radiations which could badly damage skin and produce carcinogenic effects (cancerous effects).

How to use coconut oil for hair?

For dry skin or scalp suffering from dryness, it will be better than coconut oil should be applied after a shower so that skin gets proper conditioning. For oily scalp, it is advisable that people should take a head massage of about half an hour before they shampoo their hairs. It will prevent excessive oil loss from head scalp and hair becomes soft and shiny. Also, problems of hair loss will get sorted out. Different methods of usage can be any of the following.

  • Usage as an individual one: Coconut oil can be directly applied to the head. No harmful effects of this at all.
  • In combination with lime juice: A certain amount of lime juice addition in coconut oil will be an excellent remedy for dandruff problems.
  • In combination with almond oil: Small amount of almond oil when mixed with coconut oil becomes a very good hair conditioner and prevents hair fall.

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