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Fats and Their Actions: Coconut Oil Fat Benefits

Fats and Their Actions: Coconut Oil Fat Benefits

Fats are composed of molecules referred to as fatty acids. These fatty acids are categorized based either on their saturation or their molecular structure. Based on their saturation, fatty acids can be categorized as

You can observe these categories on the oils that you purchase. The labels on the oils that you purchase usually denote the amount of these fatty acids in them.

Types of fatty acids

Based on their molecular structure, fatty acids can be categorized as:

The structure of the fatty acids determines its amount of digestion, absorption, and transport in the blood and metabolism at the cell level. More complex the structure, more difficult it is for the body to digest and utilize the fatty acids for energy production. The fatty acids that are difficult to be utilized are stored as fat. The structure of MCFAs is much simpler when compared to LCFAs and are hence utilized more easily for energy production while the LCFAs tend to store as fat. The fatty acids form the backbone of triglycerides wherein three fatty acids make a triglyceride.

Is coconut oil harmful?

Coconut oil has saturated fatty acids as its main type of fatty acids. The saturated fatty acids are considered harmful for your health while, the unsaturated fatty acids are considered to be beneficial. However, the saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are beneficial for health as they are medium-chain fatty acids. Unlike other saturated fatty acids, the MCFAs are digested much easier, better absorbed into the body and utilized for the nourishment of the body. The healing ability and other coconut oil benefits are because of the presence of MCFAs varikosette krem.

The MCFAs are absorbed more efficiently than long-chain fatty acids in the gastrointestinal tract and are transferred directly to the liver for utilization. From here the MCFAs are broken into simpler compounds enabling easier energy production in the different cells and tissues in the body. MCFAs are therefore known to increase the energy expenditure following food consumption thereby burning more calories and preventing the accumulation of calories as fat. Therefore, regular consumption of an adequate amount of food substances such as virgin coconut oil notably reduces the weight. 

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