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Coconut Oil – Weight Loss

Coconut Oil – Weight Loss

Many people have a mistaken belief that after using coconut oil, their health will be affected. But the truth is that using any oil in a proper proportion will not affect our health and will make our body slim and beautiful. There are only a few oils that have multiple benefits. Coconut oil is one of them. It is the oil that is derivative of coconut seed. Coconut oil can be applied from head to toe and can also be used for cooking purposes.

Coconut oil is a tropical edible oil that is made from the dry nut of the coconut tree.

Coconut oil weight loss is really good for health if it is used properly. It contains a lot of nutrients and also has low cholesterol property. Coconut oil has many benefits like – it could be used for hair care, skincare and health care. It is good to use natural products as there are lots of chemical products that could cause serious health issues.

For health reasons, many dieticians, as well as nutritionist, recommend coconut oil for those people who want to lose their body weight.

Coconut oil – low fat

We always think that if we eat more we will become fat. But if we are cutting down our fats completely just because we want to be slim it means that we are not taking essential fats which should be present in our body.

Ok, what if there is any product that contains low-fat content and has various nutrients that will be good for your health. It will be like a dream come true for you. But this dream is now a reality as there is one product that can give you essential low fats and will make your body slim and fit. That low essential fat is contained in “coconut oil”. You have to simply choose an oil that is good for you.

One of the significant facts about coconut oil is that one can lose his/her unnecessary body weight. Using coconut oil instead of fatty oil is the wisest decision to lose bodyweight. You can lose unnecessary body weight by consuming saturated fat that is present in coconut oil. All fatty products, whether they come from animals or vegetables, contain the same amount of calories. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids as they contain a very low amount of fats. It contains fewer calories as compared to any other oil.

If you want to lose your body weight, we will suggest you use coconut oil. There are valid reasons why you should choose coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains nearly 2.50 % fewer calories compared to the other long-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil not only has low calories but also other benefits which could help in reducing the unwanted fat. It helps in proper digestion and metabolic activities.

If you think that you are not losing the unnecessary body weight just because the food that you take contains calories, then you are not right. The way it is digested and utilized in our body also matters. Whenever we eat any fat-containing food, the fat is broken down into bundles of fatty acid and proteins that are known as a lipoprotein. This lipoprotein is passed from the bloodstream and is deposited into the fat cell. However, coconut oil contains a medium-chain fatty acid that is not converted into the lipoprotein and also doesn’t flow in our bloodstreams but it directly flows into the liver where it is converted into the energy in the form of carbohydrates. Coconut oil helps in slowing down the food digestion that will make your tummy full and prevent you from taking any snacks that are a main source of fats.

So whenever you start using coconut oil in your food, your body will immediately start converting the fat into the energy instantly and not store it as fat, which will cause weight gain. So you can eat as much as you want as now there will be no problem of unnecessary weight gain. Hence, replacing the long-chain fatty acid by medium-chain fatty acid will cause a reduction of the body fat and body weight.

Coconut oil (medium-chain fatty acid) increases the metabolic rate faster so that you can lose more calories than any other oil and make your body slim. It will happen all the time whenever you take coconut oil in your food. Coconut oil acts as nutritional oil that can help in the reduction of weight. Coconut oil extracts unnecessary fats from the body and destroys calories as it is not used in our body extensively.

To increase the metabolic rate, it is good to take a single spoon of coconut oil in any kind of foodstuff. After a few days, you can start taking it 3-4 times in a day.

Coconut oil gives energy to the body. That’s why nowadays many are using it as an energy drink. This is opposite to the other oils as they do not give any kind of energy to the human body. It has created a huge problem with obesity. The war of other oil manufacturers and coconut oil manufactures is about weight loss. If you want to look slim, the one way to achieve this is to use coconut oil and get rid of other oils.

As the other oils contain omega 6-fatty acid and coconut oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, the ratio will be as 51:1. So, we should use coconut oil than the other edible oils to make our body firm and slim.

Additional benefit

Usage of coconut oil also nourishes the cells of our body and it will help us lose our unnecessary body weight.


Virgin coconut oil is one of the best coconut oil used for weight loss. It contains no cholesterol as it is good natural fat for our body. Virgin coconut oil will increase the metabolic rate of the body and also reduce hunger.


The sum of weight one can mislay depends upon a variety of factors. Along with taking the virgin oil, you have to do exercises to get better results. Losing weight by using virgin coconut oil is a slow and natural process. It has no side effects on health. Many experts say that one can lose nearly one pound weight after a week.

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