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Coconut Oil For Hypothyroidism

Coconut Oil For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland; a glandular disorder resulting from insufficient production of thyroid hormones. Enlarged thyroid gland disease in the neck and gained a lot of groundwater in areas that iodine deficiency is called endemic goitre. Because of inadequate iodine needs to make hormones thyroid, the gland gradually as the plants that produce hormones, enlarging themselves. Less raw materials consumed iodine, the gland should be enlarged, so that the production of hormones that fewer than a normal person can meet the needs of the body.

Iodine deficiency not only resulted in an enlarged thyroid gland (thyroid), but also can lead to other abnormalities in the form of physical disturbance (growing hampered, dwarfism, deaf and dumb), mental disorders, and neuromotor disorders. Physical disorders, mental and neuromotor an incurable common in endemic areas.

Iodine is a nutrient needed human body. Initially absorbed iodine in the thyroid follicle cells in the form of iodide salts. Follicular cells convert iodide to iodine. At the same cells also secrete (release) of a protein called thyroglobulin in the follicles. Iodine reacts with thyroglobulin, both before release and after release, changing the amino acid tyrosine in thyroglobulin to thyroxine molecule.

Thyroid hormone secretion regulated by thyrotropin (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone / TSH). If the amount of iodine available is not sufficient, the production of thyroxine and triodotironin decreased and increased secretion of TSH by the pituitary, resulting in the secretion of thyroglobulin by thyroid cells increases causing enlarged glands and hyperplasia resulting in goitre.

Also, iodine deficiency can result in cretinism (stunted), decreased intelligence and to more severe levels can lead to disturbances in the brain and auditory as well as fatal in infants.

The relationship Coconut oil with hypothyroidism

Coconut trees grow in tropical climates such as Southern California and most of Florida, the Philippines and the Caribbean, Indonesia and Malaysia. Refined coconut oil is produced in bulk and many beneficial nutrients lost by the refining process. Virgin coconut oil is much better shaped, although is a slower process. It is generally obtained by shredding and grinding dried meat, and then cold pressing to produce milk. Milk fermented for a day or two and oil separated were collected.

Coconut oil for Hypothyroidism: Is it good?

Virgin Coconut Oil ( VCO ) is useful to help overcome the problem of Thyroid. The explanation is as follows: Oil unsaturated suppress metabolic rate resulting in hypothyroidism (thyroid gland activity weakening). VCO (which is about 80% are saturated oil) increase the metabolic system so that good for those who have a thyroid problem.

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